Is Your Siding Helping Your Home’s Energy Costs?


When was the last time you had a contractor inspect your siding? If it appears aged or worn, or you’re having trouble lowering your energy bills, it’s time to consider how you can enhance your home’s siding efficiency. Before frigid temperatures arrive, a siding installer can assess which option works best for your property so you can live comfortably, save money, and maintain energy efficiency. Here’s more information on how new, high-quality siding can benefit your home. 

3 Benefits of New Siding Installation 

1. Improved Home Efficiency

Investing in new siding offers your home better insulation, keeping your family comfortable year-round. In addition to efficient windows, quality siding selections like vinyl have a high thermal resistance to effectively seal your property against the elements and prevent air from escaping as well. In turn, you will save on energy costs because your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your space. 

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2. Better UV Resistance 

Older siding, especially wood, is highly susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. Sun exposure can fade its color, as well as weaken its structural integrity, which lowers the siding’s ability to deflect heat. For instance, you may notice splitting, cracking, or warping from UV degradation. To reduce energy costs and maintain curb appeal, consider installing siding such as vinyl options that are UV resistant and insulative. 

Moreover, lighter colored siding reflects the sun’s rays better than darker colors, which tend to absorb more heat. However, new siding will still decrease energy expenses despite color selection. 

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3. Superior Durability 

Popular options such as JamesHardie siding require minimal maintenance and cleaning. At Preferred Home Improvement, we are a preferred vendor and available to take care of all of your siding needs. JamesHardie siding is also both stylish and weather resistant. Homeowners can depend on this long-lasting fiber cement material to prevent rot, pest, heat, and moisture damage from inclement weather. 
When you need a new siding installation company, turn to Preferred Home Improvement in Willow Grove, PA. For over 35 years, this family-owned home improvement company has served high quality renovation services such as siding installation to the local region. Their contractors can install vinyl and JamesHardie Fiber Cement siding options to conserve energy costs and add value to your home. Specialized in roofing, siding, windows, and doors, they offer superior, affordable services to each client. Call (215) 366-5813 or visit our website to view our services.

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