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Get the timeless look of natural wood siding for your Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, or Delaware county home without high-maintenance upkeep when you replace old boards with durable, long-lasting composite siding.

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Enhance Your Home’s Durability & Curb Appeal with Composite Siding

Natural wood is an inviting, timeless siding material. However, it’s prone to rotting, warping, and moisture damage that can result in time-consuming, costly maintenance. If you’re combating deteriorating wood siding — you know what we mean!

If you still want to enjoy the beautiful curb appeal of natural wood without the frustrating upkeep, you’ll love the numerous benefits of composite replacement siding from Preferred Home Improvement — your trusted local contractor with over 35+ years of installation experience.

Benefits of Composite Siding for Southeastern Pennsylvania Homeowners

Composite siding — or engineered wood siding — is an innovative exterior material that blends beauty, performance, and value into one exceptional product. Homeowners will enjoy the following benefits of a composite siding replacement with Preferred Home Improvement.

Stunning Appearance

Composite siding offers homeowners the classic, high-end appearance of natural wood without the high-maintenance upkeep that comes with it. This engineered material comes in attractive grains, textures, and colors — from beige and gray to blue and green — to provide endless customization and fade-resistant style.

Exceptional Durability

Composite siding is built to last, and though it looks just like natural wood — it can endure fire, wind, pests, and the elements. Composite boards resist moisture damage, will not rot, warp, or crack, and will not shrink or expand in fluctuating temperatures.

Straightforward Installation

Composite siding is lightweight, easy to handle, and doesn’t require sealing, joint flashing, or caulking. This means composite siding replacement can be completed by a small crew quickly — saving you time and money on installation.

Minimal Maintenance

Composite siding maintains a “just installed” look for days, months, and even years after your siding replacement. It doesn’t require regular painting, staining, or waterproofing, and it only needs to be rinsed off once a year to stay in great shape.

Composite siding home installation

Why Install Composite Siding with Preferred Home Improvement?

Homeowners in Southeastern Pennsylvania love working with Preferred Home Improvement to install composite siding because:

  • We’re a family-owned business with a passion for serving families in our community.
  • We have an outstanding reputation from satisfied clients and have established ourselves as the “go-to” siding installation company in our local area.
  • We’re committed to offering a collaborative process for siding design and installation. In other words — we’re not pushy salespeople!

Invest in Reliable Composite Siding Installation from a Trusted Local Company

Composite siding is a smart investment for savvy homeowners who aren’t willing to sacrifice stylish curb appeal for low-maintenance upkeep. With composite replacement siding — you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Preferred Home Improvement is the trusted siding installation contractor in Southeastern Pennsylvania — and we’d be thrilled to replace your old, outdated siding boards with durable, attractive composite siding. Reach out today for a free quote!