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Any Residential Door Installation Service

At Preferred Home Improvement, we offer a wide selection of ProVia brand doors to beautifully compliment your home. Whether you’re looking to modernize the exterior of your home with a brand-new entry door or are just looking for a storm door replacement, know that the experts at Preferred Home Improvement can help with any residential door installation service. Not only can a new door update your home, but it can also boost the value and curb appeal, making it more attractive when it comes time to sell.

We Specialize in Entry, Patio and Storm Door Installations

At Preferred Home Improvement in Southeast Pennsylvania, we specialize in the entry, patio and storm door installations. Our entry doors come in many different materials like wood, steel and fiberglass to keep you and your loved ones protected and safe from the outside. Our wood doors offer a sophisticated appearance while our steel doors offer security and protection. If you’re looking for a natural-looking door with minimal upkeep, our fiberglass style doors will be your best option.

Our patio door installations include doors made of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Our wood and fiberglass options are all about appearance and functionality while our vinyl doors offer strength and beauty. We offer sliding and swinging options to suit a variety of homes and customer preferences.

Storm Door Replacement

If you’re looking for a storm door replacement, Preferred Home Improvement offers aluminum and wood options. Our aluminum style doors offer an added layer of protection from the elements, while our wooden doors are beautiful and functional.

We want you to know all your options?

When it comes time for your door replacement or installation and the professionals at Preferred Home Improvement are ready to work with you to ensure the door you select for your home will be the right choice.

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What are some common door materials?

There are four types of common materials used for doors.

Wood doors are popular choices for both inside and outside doors. They are simple to customize, and many of them include oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. Some conventional wood doors have MDF cores covered in wood veneers to minimize warping caused by real wood when wet.

Steel doors are very strong and can’t be easily broken into. They are a good choice if you want to keep your home safe. They also insulate well and will not warp or crack. However, they can be dented.

Aluminum doors are a good choice for a front door. They have an insulated core and come in many colors and finishes. You don’t have to worry about them rusting or needing repainting, and some models even come with a 20-year warranty.

Fiberglass composite doors are good for coastal homes. They are tough and don’t need much maintenance. They also look like wood and can be stained to match woodwork. These doors are well-insulated and ideal for front entries in harsh and humid climates.