Let Preferred Home Improvement solve your stucco problems for good by replacing your worn-out and damaged stucco with a more reliable, long-lasting siding product.

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Expert Stucco Remediation Services

Stucco looks beautiful—until its porous makeup causes it to be prone to cracking and absorbing moisture, which leads to mold and rot beneath the surface. As a homeowner, it can feel overwhelming to know your house’s protective layer is vulnerable. If faulty stucco is left unaddressed, moisture problems will only increase, leaving you with a bigger situation to resolve.

Preferred Home Improvement offers stucco remediation to eliminate stucco failure for good. With over 35 years of experience, we provide siding solutions for homeowners in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware County.

Regain confidence in your home’s protective layer with our top-notch stucco remediation.

How to End Stucco Problems for Good!

Stucco’s moisture issues can cause your home to look unsightly and harm it under the surface. But you can put a stop to the drain it puts on you with our expert stucco remediation service.

Stucco Repair vs. Stucco Remediation

Stucco repair remedies cosmetic stucco damage, but doesn’t address the underlying issue. It includes sealing blemishes like cracks and tears, but misses hidden moisture damage. This less-intensive option is not a solution for structural framing damaged by moisture, as it leaves your property at risk of greater damage beneath the surface. It is a temporary fix that doesn’t solve the long-term problem.

Stucco remediation fixes the root cause of stucco damage. When moisture infiltration is extensive, stucco remediation is vital. It is the only permanent, long-term solution to your failing stucco. It involves removing your stucco, replacing water-damaged and mold-contaminated sheathing, framing and insulation—and then installing durable, moisture-resistant siding.

The Dangers of Water Damage

  • When moisture gets trapped beneath your stucco, unhealthy mold begins to grow.
  • If water intrusion is left unnoticed, hidden rot starts to develop.
  • Finally, structural damage to your home can result, leaving you with the need for major and costly repairs.

Stucco remediation is needed to deal with the root cause of moisture intrusion due to stucco’s porous nature and its incorrect installation.

Get Reliable Stucco Remediation with Preferred Home Improvement

Preferred Home Improvement is the most qualified contractor in the area to provide stucco remediation. Here is why:

  • Our commitment to using top-quality materials in your home means your new siding resists moisture like a champ, giving you peace of mind.
  • Our skilled craftsmen remediate your home with precision and care, ensuring a seamless transformation while maintaining a clean and tidy work environment.
  • Our experienced installation team is expertly trained to install your new siding right the first time.

We realize that stucco problems are always an unexpected hassle, and we make the remediation process as simple as possible.

Act Quickly to End Stucco Damage with a Trusted Company

We understand the challenge of failing stucco. After all, we’re homeowners too.

If you don’t address water damage, it will only become more extensive and expensive. Fix the problem with stucco remediation from Preferred Home Improvement for peace of mind that your home is well protected—once and for all!