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Pennsylvania’s summer is in full swing – it’s time to head outside with family and friends to enjoy the warmth of the sun in your backyard! If you’re planning on entertaining this season or next, now is the time to consider home exterior remodeling. Renovations like decks, sunrooms, and patios can help you create the staycation sanctuary of your dreams. Read on to see the top home remodels and how they can upgrade your outdoor living space.

What are the Benefits of Remodeling Your Outdoor Living Space?

1. Expand Your Space 

Whether you’re growing your family or simply prefer a more open floor plan, home renovations enable you to have more space to live and entertain. An exterior remodeling contractor can design a natural bridge between your interior space and a new outdoor area such as a covered patio, deck, patio, or sunroom. Complete the look with contemporary sliding glass doors or chic wood doors to connect the spaces.

2. Improve Entertainment Opportunities 

Warmer weather calls for outdoor gatherings. If you want to entertain your family and friends but feel limited by space, a new outdoor entertainment space like a new deck gives your family plenty of room to host afternoon barbecues and dinner parties. In turn, you’ll spend more time at home with a completely transformed outdoor space, saving time and money spent searching for entertainment outside of the home.

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3. Boost Your Home’s Value

Many home outdoor renovations like decks offer homeowners an excellent return on investment by increasing a home’s resale value. Because of the living and entertainment possibilities, consumers are interested in properties with high-quality home outdoor entertaining spaces. If you ever choose to sell or lease your home, outdoor space remodeling can enhance curb appeal without significant financial risks.

4. Create Privacy 

Relish more privacy in your backyard. Your remodeling contractor can assist in designing a covered patio or enclosed space that offers privacy from neighbors without forgoing space. They can also coordinate with you to allow room for fencing, trees, and thick shrubbery for added concealment, as well as shade from the elements. 

How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space

In the past two years, many of us have spent significant time at home. What better way to create a personal paradise than to remodel your outdoor space? Here’s a few ways you can refresh your backyard with common exterior remodeling projects. 

Build a Deck 

Decks make an excellent home renovation because they add curb appeal, are versatile, and increase the resale value of your home. Depending on your location, they can also allow you to have a greater view of the surrounding area. Whether you prefer to relax outdoors alone or plan a get together with loved ones, adding a deck can significantly upgrade your outdoor space.

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Attach a Sunroom

If you have a large family or enjoy hosting at home, a sunroom can help expand your space so you have more room for leisurely activities with loved ones. Even homeowners who live alone can benefit from having a separate space for guests, to work, or even to relax on their own. The sunroom also gives an added benefit of better natural lighting for an uplift in mood. 

Add an Outdoor Kitchen 

If you’re a master griller, a covered outdoor kitchen will be your new go-to space in your backyard. A covered kitchen will keep you shielded from the elements while seamlessly integrating with the main house so you can cook comfortably outdoors. A local remodeling contractor can help you design your perfect kitchen, complete with a countertop and appliances like a fridge and sink. You can also add a bar area with stools so people can mingle while you grill, and/or a main seating area.

Top Things to Consider When Planning Exterior Home Remodels 

Before embarking on any construction project, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and home improvement goals. That way, you and your remodeling contractor will have a general understanding of the new space’s purpose.

Ask yourself the following questions when planning a home exterior renovation:

  • Do you want to create a space for rest and relaxation more so than entertaining? This can help you plan out dimensions and outdoor furniture purchases.
  • Do you want to host more gatherings? You will need more space and extra seating. Additions like a new grill and firepit can also help create ambiance.
  • Do you have children or pets? This can help you plan to use more durable materials to upkeep the space’s appearance. For instance, a composite deck is more resilient and generally requires less maintenance than a wood deck.
  • Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Consider building an outdoor covered kitchen with a grill, cabinets, countertop, and seating area.
  • Do you value privacy? A covered patio or a deck with an overhang may be best over a more open design. This will also help protect you and your guests from the elements.
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By reviewing what you want to gain out of your new home addition, you can plan what kind of furniture, equipment, landscaping, and other elements to include.  

Expert Deck Contractors 

When you need a dependable deck contractor, turn to Preferred Home Improvement. For over 35 years, our family-owned exterior remodeling company has offered high-quality renovation services in Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery County. Specialized in roofing, siding, windows, doors, and home entertainment spaces, we offer superior, affordable services to each client. We can fulfill your remodeling vision by adding custom-built decks or expanding the living space for entertainment purposes. Call (215) 366-5813 or fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation!

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