Why Now is the Right Time for New Windows


As the weather gets warmer, it’s best to evaluate the exterior of your home to check for signs of damage or aging. Home improvement projects such as window replacement can lead to a more energy-efficient home, cutting costs and adding curb appeal. Here’s more information on why now is the ideal time for new windows is and how they can benefit your home. 

How Weather Affects Window Installation

Late spring brings warmer weather, but outside temperatures will still be mild enough to make the installation process run smoothly. Window contractors recommend late spring or early summer because winter storms won’t cause delays or lead to cold drafts drifting into your home if you’re replacing multiple windows. Contrarily, if the weather becomes too warm, your home may feel too hot and humid throughout the project. The sun’s UV rays can also damage home furnishings during the peak of summer without window protection. 

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Warmer weather also enables caulk to adhere better, leading to quicker installation. 

Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Spring

If you noticed fogged glass, moisture damage, or drafty rooms, call a respected window installer to inspect the glass and frames. Replacing older models with energy-efficient windows can help retain cooler air in the home by improving circulation throughout the house. This also ensures proper sealing against heat and humidity, leading to reduced energy expenses each month.

Additionally, new windows increase the value of your home by offering an updated appearance and allows window contractors to address any maintenance issues with ease. 

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