9 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Smooth Roof Replacement

New roof on a home with blue board and batten siding

When you’re scheduled to have your roof replaced, you’re likely looking forward to the boost in your home’s looks and the confidence you’ll have from knowing your most significant investment is well protected from the elements. It’s exciting to think about what’s just ahead and the difference it will make in your home’s looks! 

However, once the roofing contractor arrives, your house becomes a work zone. And as you can imagine, a work zone can pose unexpected hazards. 

While a roof replacement by reputable contractors can be stress-free and seamless, there are still safety precautions and simple ways to prepare

Steps to a Seamless Roof Replacement

1. Make plans for your children and pets

Work zones aren’t safe for children or pets to meander around. So plan a couple of days of outings for your kids and animals. Visit some family, take a day trip to a nearby lake, go to the zoo for the day, or simply find childcare and a pet sitter while your roof is being replaced. It will prevent accidents and simplify the construction site—your home. 

2. Park away from your home

Be sure to leave your garage door shut throughout the roof replacement. While you’re at it, park your car safely away from your home rather than parking in your driveway. This will ensure that your vehicle is well protected and that the roofing crew has easy access to their truck where their tools are housed. 

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3. Secure your home interior

When your current roof is removed, your roof deck may need some repairs. Vibrations from hammers and machinery on your roof can travel through your walls. How do you prepare for that? Take a stroll through the floor beneath your roof. To protect your belongings, take pictures off the walls, remove knick-knacks from the display, and take down any décor that could topple over when walls vibrate. If you have any decorative light fixtures, such as chandeliers, consider removing them before your roof replacement. 

4. Store outdoor items securely away

Move your outdoor grill, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, toys, and potted plants to your garage or shed while your roof is replaced. If there isn’t room in your garage or shed, move these items away from your house to an area of your yard that is out of the way of the roofing team. Tackle this task before the contractor arrives to help the day run smoothly. 

The roofing contractor is not obligated to move your yard furniture for you, so find a way to complete this task before they arrive. 

5. Trim trees, bushes, and grass 

If you have a tree or two with low-hanging branches that touch your current roof, be sure to have them pruned before your roofing contractor arrives. 

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Your contractor will use drop cloths to protect your landscaping adjacent to your home, but be sure to cut your grass before the contractor arrives. Short grass will make it easy for the roofing team to spot any fallen debris in your lawn. As they clean up each day after work, they will appreciate your kind gesture of cutting the lawn. 

6. Inform your neighbors of your upcoming new roof 

Many people work remotely from the comfort of their own homes. Any plans that create loud noises throughout a business day should be mentioned to your neighbors in advance so they can anticipate the noise intrusion. 

If you let your neighbors know when you have home exterior upgrades scheduled, they will likely do the same for you, giving you ample opportunity to plan a day or two of outings to avoid the excess noise. 

7. Stay vigilant throughout the roofing project

Construction can create unanticipated obstacles. Extension cords and construction equipment can cause falls if you’re not careful. Stay extra alert when your home is in a work zone due to roof replacement, and you’ll avoid accidents. Secure the exits inside your house so no one accidentally walks out under a ladder or scaffolding. 

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8. Plan ahead for a dust storm in your attic

When roofers walk on your roof and hit it with their hammers, debris and dust can fall into your attic. Cover any personal belongings in your attic to prevent them from being cloaked in dust or debris. If you have fragile or costly items in your attic, remove them prior to the roof replacement to ensure their safety. 

9. Have your provider take down your satellite dish

Contact your satellite provider and ask them to take down the satellite dish before your roof replacement and have them reinstall it after the replacement. This gives the roofers one less obstacle to tackle when they remove your current roof and will help the replacement go even smoother. It’s a courtesy to anticipate the need to have satellite dishes and any antennas removed.  

Trusted Roof Replacements for Over 35 Years

At Preferred Home Improvement, we understand that installing a new roof is one of the most important investments you will make as a homeowner. We use top-quality roofing materials to give your home the best protection and give you peace of mind. 

Learn more about our roof replacement services.

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