Deck Out Your Backyard For Fall

Build Deck for back yard fall

Considering enhancing your outdoor living space? Imagine entertaining guests outside, enjoying a cool breeze, listening to upbeat music, and wafting the scent of patties on the grill. Or maybe you have friends gathered for beers and snacks, while watching a football game on the TV. A patio or deck replacement can add to your backyard this fall, making these visions come to life. 

Perfect for any season, decks and patios enable homeowners to make the most of their living space to relax and entertain outdoors. Read on to see the top benefits of a backyard refresh.

Decks vs. Patios

While decks and patios can both be used for outdoor entertaining, each open space offers certain benefits based on design, maintenance, and lifestyle. The key difference between the two is that the foundations of decks are raised, whereas the foundations of patios are level with the ground. Due to their elevated height, decks can offer beautiful views of the surrounding area depending on your location, while patios enable homeowners to enjoy more privacy. 

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Consider the terrain of your backyard. Decks can be built on uneven terrain, while patios need stable, flat land. For example, a deck may be better suited for a house in a hilly area. Moreover, decks may require a building permit and inspections throughout the construction process because contractors need to ensure they meet local municipality requirements. This will ensure the deck is built properly with your safety in mind. Contractors will ensure your deck meets weight requirements to adequately support any guests and furniture.

On the other hand, those seeking privacy in flatter locales may prefer a patio setup. For added privacy, homeowners can install walls, a pergola, a garden, or otherwise. It’s also easier to incorporate heavier pieces of furniture such as a large hot tub. 

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4 Major Benefits of a New Deck or New Patio

1. Boost Curb Appeal

Investing in a deck or patio replacement can elevate your yard’s beauty and property value. These additions easily modernize a home and allow for a wide range of uses, which may be attractive to prospective buyers, should you ever choose to sell.

2. Host Outdoor Gatherings

Everyone will want to use your home for parties. A few fun ideas include:

·      Grilling

·      Hot tubbing

·      Games like cornhole

·      Dinner parties

·      Stargazing

3. Offers Extra Storage Space

Keep gardening, cooking, home improvement, and other tools and equipment outside. This can include items such as a lawnmower, shears, rakes, leaf blowers, or a grill setup.  

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4. Low Maintenance

Following expert guidelines can help maintain the integrity of both decks and patios. If you choose natural materials like wood, contractors may suggest routine deck repair or patio repair methods like restaining, resealing, and power-washing. These methods can stave off signs of neglect or age such as wood rot, mold, and splintering. Otherwise, simple sweeping or scrubbing off noticeable dirt and debris will suffice.  

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