Experienced Hail Damage to Your Roof? We Can Help!

Experienced Hail Damage to Your Roof

Inclement weather such as hail can lead to serious roof damage. For instance, roof hail damage can crack and lift shingles, resulting in excess moisture buildup underneath. This can cause mold, rot, bacteria, or fungal growth, as well as undermine the structure of the roof itself.  

Without assessment from a professional, it’s difficult to determine the extent of potential underlying issues from the ground. Smaller problems can also lead to further roof degradation down the road, especially if you live in an area prone to storms. Resulting moisture can affect walls, flooring, or personal items as well.  

Did you know insurance can pay for your roof damage from the storm? Experienced roofing companies that work with insurance providers and can help you file a claim if you need extensive repairs or a roof replacement after a storm. If you need roof repair from hail, file a claim as soon as possible so a contractor can make inspections and provide an estimate to your insurance company. In the meantime, they may suggest installing a tarp or other water-resistant sheet to prevent further property damage. 

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During the claims process, keep copies of transactions between insurance agents and the contractor for your records. This can include files, photos, and discussion of estimates, as well as the date and time of the weather event. Keeping relevant files can help roof repair companies from storm damage move the process along faster.  

When you need a roof repair after hail damage, turn to Preferred Home Improvement. For over 35 years, this family-owned home improvement company has served high quality renovation services to the local region. Our contractors can install triple-paned, thermal performance windows to save energy and add value to your home. Specialized in roofing, siding, windows, and doors, they offer superior, affordable services to each client. If your roof has been impacted by a recent storm, We will work with insurance companies to get homeowners approved for roof repair from storms. Call (215) 366-5813 to learn more today!  

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